I love drinking teas – not the usual milk tea but teas with some twist! It is a much needed boost in the morning, in the evening after hard day’s work or in-between to pep up yourself. So when Hi-Tea sent me so many different blends to try-out, I was more than happy 🙂 🙂
Here is what they sent – premium fruit teas and flower teas – fruit, health, beauty, slimming, anti-ageing blends packed in attractive colored boxes.



Each box comes with 10 tea bags and has very clear instructions about nutrition, contents and brewing.

Hi-Tea is a Singapore Based Flower Tea company committed to provide its customers with quality flower teas – Teas that offer health, beauty and other benefits. 

Tea Selections of Hi-Tea are broadly classified into – Flower, Fruit Teas, Special Series and Loose. I got to try-out Fruit and Special Series blends.

Fruit Teas:

Fruit teas come in 3 exotic flavors – Peach, Apple Rose and Blueberry
Peach Tea contains Hibiscus, French Rose Buds, Peach, Lemon. The brew is medium strong and slightly sour. It tastes so natural.

Here is Hi-Tea’s Blueberry Tea – with the goodness of Hibiscus, French Rose, Herbs, Blueberry, Blackcurrants and Grapes. My personal favorite! I had it hot but you can have it chilled too. With / without a dash of honey / sugar.


Refreshingly beautiful color of Apple Rose Fruit Tea. Yes, its taste is equally nice! Slightly sour and medium in strength, Apple Rose tea consists of Dried Apple, Roselle, French Rose, Orange. 

I would like to specially mention that all the Fruit Teas are made using 100% natural flowers and fresh fruits, both dried and mixed. They do NOT contain any additives / artificial flavors and colors. NO caffeine too. Since flowers and fruits go into making these Fruit Teas, they have vitamins, fruit acids & minerals.

All in all, Fruit Teas by Hi-Tea are premium quality. Drink them to recharge, refresh and get going…Personally, I am liking them because of all natural ingredients, no harmful additives and colors and these teas taste just awesome! 

Go, Get for you too. 🙂

Current Promotion for this blog readers:
Buy 2 boxes at $18.
Usual Price: Loose Tea $22.90/box. Fruit Tea $24.90/box. Special Blends: $26.90/box.

Find more information about Hi-Tea here:

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