Puffed Rice and Gula Melaka Laddoo – quick, tasty and healthy

Title of this blog post just means that it is the recipe of Kurmura Laddoo..ha ha

I remember my Aaji making kurmura laddoos. That dish used to be my favourite in childhood.

Those memories came back alive today when all-rounder hubby the dear decided to make it for my kids.
We have used Jaggery which is healthier option and contains calcium, potassium and iron. Puffed rice aka Kurmura used in this recipe is light to digest and low in calories.
Jaggery = Gula Melaka in Malay language.
Puffed Rice = Kurmura or Murmura or Mamra
You can take approximately 250 grams of Jaggery and 500 grams of Kurmura for making laddoos. It makes around 15-20 pieces. This recipe is under-30 minutes recipe.
Here is a pictoral recipe for the same. Enjoyyy…
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  1. Emily Reply

    Although I have heard of the word Laddoo, I have not seen them quite like this. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Now I want to try making them.

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