Travelling with the kids in an airplane? Here are some to-do’s…

Holidays are still on and many of us are out for different destinations or going soon. Travelling soothes your mind and rejuvenates you to face the new challenges of daily routine. For kids also, visiting places and sightseeing give an enriching and fun experience. But travelling with kids can be taxing too, especially when they are still very young.
How do you keep them engaged (and yourself sane) during long journeys and make the most of it?

Travelling with kids

Here are some tips that I have gathered during all these years –
1. Pack all essential things needed for the journey in a separate bag and carry that as a cabin bag. Medicines, milk formula, extra sets of kids clothes, diapers, some other snacks and so on. I see to it that I pack this particular bag very very properly.
2. Story books, some activity sheets come handy. Some airlines do provide the kids with special kits but it is better to carry your own. You can consider carrying some rattles, toy cars too. Just ensure that the toys are safe and wouldn’t cause nuisance for other passengers.
3. Making baby food and formula milk can be quite a task in the flight. Also, several milk bottles need to be carried and cleaning them is not-that-possible during the flight. Overall, it becomes messy. Why not try disposable milk bottles? Make milk conveniently, feed the child and later discard. There are a couple of brands available in Singapore and you can give it a try.
4. Flight Entertainment system can be a great friend. Kids love to watch movies during the flight and many airlines offer quite a wide selection of kids programs. Overall, kids enjoy trying out headphones, using remotes, changing channels and watching their favourite stuff. As a parent, you can monitor and facilitate this.
5. Same goes with food. Kids can be so hungry during the airplane journey! You can always book kid’s meal beforehand if the option is available. Kid’s meal provides nutritious and tasty food for little tummies. The menu includes delicacies that kids love to eat. I get surprised many times when my kids eat a lot more and better in the flight than home. Airlines do provide baby meals like cereals, ready-to-eat-purees etc. Feel free to ask the flight attendants.
6. Kids health during flights must be given paramount importance. There are some cases when kids become unwell in the airplane. We as parents need to constantly watch if they are okay during the entire duration of the flight. Airsickness is common among kids and adults. My kids get earaches especially when the flight starts to descent. It is good to feed some gummies and chewies to them as chewing action can relieve earache. Also, keep them well-hydrated in the flight. Using hand sanitizers from time to time will also help to fight germs in the journey.
Have a safe and enjoyable flight journey with your little ones!
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