I am a big fan of Bollywood movies and am not talking about the alternative or niche type of movies.

It is not that I don’t like them. I do watch them but my real interest lies in watching mainstream masala movies. What fun to watch them!!

1. Bollywood movies teach me to be positive – always! No matter what troubles you face, no matter how much deep s*** you are in, there will be a way, there will be a savior!! Superhero who will come and rescue you…tada…in the end, all is gonna be good 🙂 🙂 Never say Never…
Watch any masala movie and you ll know what I mean.
2. Bollywood movies teach me the importance of friends and the spirit of friendship – though dosts like Jai and Veeru or more recent examples like Bala and Bikram are a little too rare to find in real life but yes, great and helpful friends do exist and you need to be able to reciprocate their friendly gestures always.
3. Bollywood movies teach me how to love – Who has not copy-cat Raj / Rahul / Prem or Simran / Priya / Chandni in their youth??!! I can surely say that the tricks lovers do to meet their love, to escape parents’ strict n remote-control-eyes are many times borrowed from Bollywood movies. Ha ha.
Eg. Send girl’s BFF to her home so that she can come out of home or pretend to be a delivery boy and slips cute love note to the girl or openly declare the love right in front of the parents and so on. So much inspiration we can take from Bollywood movies.
4. I learnt F for Fashion from Bollywood movies and still learning proudly. How to wear sarees like Sridevi, how to be confident in whatever clothes like Kajol, how to look good in simple dresses like Deepika and still up the ante…Had I not watched Bollywood movies, how I would have ever known Chaandbali earrings, Silsila sarees, Patiala n Long tees and the list is too long…
5. How can I not mention the feeling of patriotism that Bollywood movies ignite in me? Remember Roja’s flag on fire scene or Chak De India and Rang De Basanti…at least that time in the cinema, I truly realize that country comes before everything!
6. Parents and kids relationship – we can take a few cues from Bollywood movies…See how the the cool Papas pamper their kids and how devoted Mamas are the epitome of love and care!! I know it is exaggerated but sometimes it is good to take a break from usual nagging and lecturing kids and just spoil them silly…
7. Bollywood movies equip me with some powerful, witty, catchy dialogs. Throw them anytime anywhere and make that big impact! Say some “bade bade deshon me aisi chhoti chhoti baaten” after committing some mistake or make a   new friend by saying “dosti me no sorry no thank you” or how about “yeh dhai kilo ka haath” when at loggerheads with someone…LOL
8. I learnt that Bollywood songs and dance can help me to express every single type of emotion…I can sing “Ae maalik tere bande hum” when am in trouble, I can sway to “aaj me upar, aasman niche” to celebrate my little achievements and I can sing “aati nahi” when my kiddo is constipated…and whoa! All this song n dance sequence makes me feel free, inspired and recharged!!
9. Lastly, it teaches me how to live life, dream big, do things in style…be it love, wedding, travel…and be happy come what may…”Hasate hasate kat jaaye raste”
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Note: this post is written in a lighter mood. We don’t subscribe and endorse the violence, sleaze and other inappropriate materials shown in the movies.