Do you have a long weekend coming up? School holidays are on? Or just too much of city life and need to have a breather of 1-2 days. Think no further and head to Bintan!! It is a place you can visit once, twice, many times to recharge yourself.

For the info of newbies in Singapore, Bintan is an island of Indonesia – much bigger than Singapore but less populated. It is a part of Riau province and situated in South China Sea. A short ferry ride from Singapore will zoom you in Bintan.
Lagoi shore of the island is full of resorts and you can choose any good one that suits your requirements and wallet. Do check the amenities, activities it offers for families. If you book well in advance of course you can avail of promotional rates.
Some resorts in Bintan have their own pristine private beaches and we prefer to stay in such resorts. After all, the vastness of sea is something that feels you with inner calm and nothing can compare to gazing at the greenish blue waters and get lost in the magic of the nature.
Bintan Lagoon Resort’s private beach is one such sight! So clean and clear that you can almost see the seabed. No man-generated trash like bottles, plastic bags is found here. There is some tar hazard though.
Arrive at the beach early and hours get spent like a blink of an eye. Build sand castles in the soft powdery whitesand or indulge in some adventure sports. Please note that in the monsoon season (roughly from December onwards) certain water sports may not be available. Also, beware of jelly fishes.
And yes, get some nice natural tan!!
Other than beautiful beaches, there are loads of things to do in Bintan. For kids and adults too.
For art lovers there are Batik Painting workshops, tee shirt painting, bamboo work classes. Or simply laze around playing some board games, foosball, snooker and relax.
Outdoor personalities – take a Segway ride, rent a buggy or soak in the bliss of Swimming pools. Bintan Lagoon Resorts offer all this inside the comfort of the resort itself. So quite convenient for families.
How about just doing nothing and stay in the room and watch the infinite seas? Get a sea-view room and you will just relish the scenery that you see outside.

Not to forget the short tours that you can  take to explore the island. Eg. Mangrove tour, farm visit and so on. 

A very Special mention goes to the Firefly tour. Take a boat ride in the dark of the night, cruise down the Sebung river enjoying the cool night breeze, enter the mangrove forest and spot the twinkling fireflies. Wow!! Stars in the sky and fireflies on the trees..unforgettable experience. Your friendly guide will gently give the firefly for you to hold and you can see the small light bulb moving on your hand..Kids fall in love with this tour! No photography is allowed once you enter the river and we have to respect that. Some sights are to be captured in the memory and not on camera!
Btw, no need to worry about tummies. The choicest of cuisines are generally available in the resort’s various restaurants to take care of your taste-buds. I will specially mention BLR’s Terrace restaurant that has some dishes for vegetarians like me.
In short, station yourself in any of the good resorts of Bintan and get rejuvenated. There’s lot in Bintan for the entire family!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Disclaimer: All contents are personal in nature. Am not a representative of any of the resorts in Bintan.