Here are 10 ideas to enjoy school holidays with kids – 

1. Take them to the library regularly.

The National Library Board (NLB) loans double the books during school holidays and reading is the best thing to indulge in. More the merrier!


2. Let your kids participate in the daily chores.

Generally, when the school is on, they hardly get any time to help you in baking, folding clothes, watering plants, washing car and so on. During holidays, try to do these activities together with your kids. They learn something new, understand the importance of daily tasks and since entire family does it together, it is fun!

3. Encourage them to recycle and reuse the items.

Old t-shirts can get a makeover by painting, plastic bottles can become attractive pots for plants. Creativity has no limit! Kids will surely come up with beautiful stuff.

4. Take them outdoors.

Singapore does have some farms, animal resorts, dairies and all. Kids will enjoy being near nature like anything! Give them that enriching experience.

5. Enroll them in an enrichment class.

They can pick up some new skill during holidays. Be it cartoon drawing, inline skating or swimming. Nearby Community centres conduct loads of activities during school holidays. Some kids are keen to participate in community initiatives like visiting old age homes, helping in pet shelters etc. Bigger kids can participate

6. Holiday time is movie time.

Show them loads of movies – in the cinema or at home. Movies meant for kids contain a lot of moral lessons. E.g. Cinderella teaches us to be kind and have courage at the same time and Kung Fu Panda’s Oogway tells us to focus on the present.

7. Build some physical strength.

Going to playgrounds, playing badminton, bicycling – Motivate them to do more of this. After all, as kids, we never had iPad and iPod while growing up.

8. Holidays does not mean NO STUDY!

Holidays can be utilized to focus on some harder concepts, revise some weaker topics and get ready to confidently face the next school year. Remember to make the kids understand the value of it rather than making it usual nagging session!

9. Give them surprises!

When they get up in the morning, they can find lots of chits around them containing clues to find a secret treasure (which can be a candy or a toy) OR they can also find their favorite board game waiting for them. Wow, small things give kids big happiness.

10. Plan joint activities with other parents.

All families can go for a barbecue, have sleepovers, and do shopping, lunching together. No best time than school holidays for such bonding.
PS – This article is written by me originally for theAsianparent – Singapore’s leading parenting magazine. Here is the link to the published article –