When I first heard from a friend that Indian PM Hon’able Mr. Narendra Modi is visiting Singapore and he is going to address the Indian diaspora here, my first reaction was – difficult, too difficult to get an opportunity to attend this event. I mean how general public would be a part of such a high-security event.

Then got to know about the registration link on the website namoinsingapore.org and quickly registered. I also got our Facebook forum registered under organization registration to facilitate our members to register via it. During registration, what caught my attention was the checkbox “Do you want to volunteer for the event”. I have been doing volunteering for other initiatives for quite some time, so this checkbox automatically got ticked by me.

In the second half of October…came the email to join the very first meeting of volunteers involved in the event. It was held at GIIS Queenstown campus. Hundreds were gathered to contribute their bit to the prestigious “Namo in Singapore” event.

Sub-committees like IT and Digital, Transport, Event co-ordination, Registration and many more were formed. It was amazing to see that no professional event management company was involved and it was decided that volunteers will carry out the whole event this big with their collective efforts. The main co-coordinators were Singapore NRI Forum. 

Regular meetings between sub-committees started happening to decide the future course of action and things started getting hotter and hotter. Ticketing and network setup, social media coverage, registrations and entry pass processing, auditions for performances, security and safety measures, fund raising, souvenir design, transportation…myriad amount of tasks to be done with the event happening on 24th November! 

As a volunteer, I was fortunate to experience the camaraderie of diverse set of people coming together…Working professionals, homemakers, Retired elderly, Businessmen, Different Indian associations in Singapore – all were working in tandem to achieve the common objective of giving grand community reception to India’s PM.

When the actual event day started approaching near, meetings became more intense. Last minute issues, arguments and patch ups, procedures and technicalities to complete…

Last 2-3 days just before the event, many of the volunteers got themselves stationed at the venue itself. Everyone was running around, performers were focusing on grand rehearsals, registration team was resolving entry pass related matters, security team was ensuring no loopholes in the arrangement. Such a colorful chaos, such a fun that can only be seen in Grand Indian ceremonies!

On 24th November, all volunteers were present before 1 PM at Expo. Everyone was putting in their 100% to make this event the bestest of the best! People started gathering from 2:30 PM onwards since the seats were on the first-come-first-serve basis. There were separate entrance for VIPs and VVIPs. Our IT team was working so superbly…they did a very good job of scanning thousands of tickets and facilitating smooth entry in the hall for people. This too with big smiles on their faces. Kudos! Other committees were equally busy too.

Awesome performances enthralled the audience of around 18K.

The moment for which thousands of people have gathered finally came!! The atmosphere was electrifying, chants of “Modi, Modi” were filling the auditorium, people were waiting…and Namo arrived.

He straightaway took the stage and shared his vision for better and bigger India and the world. He also emphasized how we can learn a lot from Singapore. His speech lasted for more than an hour. After the speech, he left the venue.

Mesmerized audience also started leaving. Volunteers were back to their duties.

One grand event was over after making a lasting impression!

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Shubhada B.
for RainbowDiaries