We started SINdiapore Facebook forum around 2 – 2.5 years back and also launched our Facebook page “Singapore Desi” simultaneously. When we started this forum that caters mainly to “Indians in Singapore”, we had quite strong Orkut background but very less knowledge of functioning in FB.

To our surprise, SINdiapore and Singapore Desi grew by leaps and bounds and today we have more than 10K followers, readers, members, contributors. We managed to start another forum called “Indian Entrepreneurs in Singapore” that boasts of more than 2K members.

We were all the while operating virtually on social media platform, supporting several events, doing digital publicity for different vendors and so on. One day, co-founder, admin and my very dear friend – Saraswathi just thought of planning G2G for people whom we have always seen online but never met offline!

That is when we decided to organize “Fun n Festive Family G2G”. We had very less time (around 2-3 weeks), exam season was going on, loads of other events were happening…So initially, we were very apprehensive and were even thinking of dropping the idea. But the thread for G2G was getting continuous response so we decided to go ahead 🙂 🙂

Venue, Food, Ticket sales, Sponsors all took place very fast and quite smoothly and we had a very good, homely G2G on 3rd October. It was full house!!

Kids performances and activities, Emcees, Gifts – all was PERFECT. We being first-timers in handling music equipment and all, there were some hiccups in that area. All in all, it was really a fab experience.

Through this blog post, we want to convey our heartfelt thanks to all our members who participated in the G2G, made new friends, win prizes. Special thanks to our sponsors – GRT Artland and Shravya Creations for their beautiful gifts and our other admins – Shalini and Dipti.

We look forward to meet you all in more such and other diverse events.

Meanwhile, here are the photos of the event for all to view and enjoy 🙂


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