We all know cakes – Chocolate cake, cheese cake etc. Today lets talk about “Diaper Cakes”!! 
We present to you – Manisha Chakravarty – the Diaper Cakes Specialist 🙂
After having her baby girl in March 2013, Manisha started a small online business making diaper cakes. 
Diaper cakes are baby gifts that are made with disposable diapers and other useful essential items. 
Manisha ensures that each of her diaper cakes is unique and created according to the customers preference. She also customizes them with the baby’s name to give that extra personal touch. 

Diaper Cakes make great gifts when visiting a newborn in the hospital, when attending a baby shower or even as a first birthday gift. 

Here are some of Manisha’s creations – 


Aren’t they simply wonderful?!!

More can be found of my facebook page –
Or check her Instagram – 
Manisha thanks Singapore Desi blog “for this initiative to let small entrepreneurs like myself to showcase our work.”
We also thank you Manisha and wish you all the best for your Creative Venture! 🙂