Nauvari / Kashthaa Saree โ€“ tradition in Grandmaโ€™s trendy Fashion!!

I simply love everything about my grandma – Aaji !! Whether it is her milk-smooth skin, her ghee-laden rotis, her long hair, her gossips…everything…

But one thing I didn’t like about her and that was her Nauvari Saree!! OhSoImpossibleToWear…:D

By the way, Nauvari Saree; also known as Kashthaa Saree; is the typical Maharashtrian style of a saree drape. It has straight nine-yards-of-cloth hence the name “Nauvari”.

I guess in the initial decades of 1900s all Marathi women must be wearing this drape only. My Aaji told me that she started wearing it as a 13-year old…wow!! If you watch those BW Marathi movies, actresses used to wear Nauvari all the time.

Roughly speaking, Nauvari looks like a dhoti from below and has a pallu on top. It has a few variations like Koli style and Lavni style etc. made popular by Bollywood songs. The latest Bollywood flick that will present Nauvari in all its glory should be “Bajirao Mastani” by Sanjay Leela Bhansali..Priyanka Chopra’s Kashibai in all probabilities will renew the Nauvari wave.

My relationship with Nauvari or for that matter with Saree is always complicated. I don’t wear sarees much and Nauvari? no ways!! In my college, I had worn it once. My Aaji’s mango-colored silk Nauvari. Beautiful saree but I must be looking like a scarecrow wearing that…LOL!

All this stuff am mentioning because recently I tried to make friends with the Nauvari saree. There was one threading ceremony in the family and my cousin sis insisted that we all should wear Nauvari…Ahem ahem..

She in fact took the responsibility of getting it “stitched” for me..Aha! now that sounds interesting..”Stitched” or “Ready-to-Wear” means no headache of wearing it..just wear like a salwar and done!! She got the readymade blouse also for me. Places like Pune / Dombivali have many shops  where you can get it stitched in various materials like Narayanpeth, semi-silk, paithani etc.

When I went to India to attend the ceremony, I was damn sure that Nauvari will look like a balloon on me (or rather I will look like a balloon in it :P)..was also thinking that what if the measurements given by me are wrong etc.

On the actual day, when I wore it, I was pleasantly surprised. This “Stitched Nauvari” was looking AWESOME!! so comfortable, so classy and in fact it was making me look quite trim…I accessorized it with chandrakor bindi, nath, pearls tanmani, peacock tattoo, kamarpatta and it looked really cool…

Here are some pics to show how stitched Nauvari looks like…

All Ladies in Nauvari…

Do consider wearing it next time…as an alternative to usual Saree, as a fashion, for saving age-old tradition… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Till then listen to these songs where Nauvari rocks!!

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38 comments on “Nauvari / Kashthaa Saree – tradition in Grandma’s trendy Fashion!!”

  1. Low Sze Shin Reply

    You look gorgeous in nauvari! I love the colour combination which is colourful and vibrant. Just curious what's the difference between nauvari and saree?

  2. Fred Hawson Reply

    I learned a lot about Indian costumes in this post. I never knew that a saree is not easy to wear for some Indian ladies. Preserving traditional costumes are really an important advocacy.

  3. Emily Reply

    I can't decide which is more difficult to wear: saree or nauvari! But both look elaborate and colourful. Just what I like!

  4. Sunshine Kelly Reply

    Yes I love saree, its timeless classic and great from generations to generations. They said the olden ones are better because of the details and workmanship.

  5. ไป™ๅฆฎ Reply

    thanks for sharing this useful info, I bought myself an orange colour sari many years ago, obviously I can't recalled how to wear it anymore ๐Ÿ˜‰ with this sharing, I can wear my sari again ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  6. Ahuose Reply

    I love the colours of the Nauvari. I still hope to attend an Indian ceremony, probably a wedding, where I can wear something this beautiful. My guess is that I would wear a saree tho. Whichever way, I find the colours of the Indian native clothes to be very vibrant and refreshing!

  7. Erica Villas Reply

    This is such a beautiful traditional wear and I very much enjoyed reading this post as you introduce a bit of history about it. Looks lovely and I'd like to wear one someday!

  8. Arisa Chow Reply

    You ladies are looking gorgeous in those sarees! Wonder where can I get unique ones like yours. True that not all can fit a suitable ready made piece that fits

  9. Elizabeth O. Reply

    I've heard they are a bit difficult to put on, but my it's one of the most beautiful clothes I've seen. I always loved the bright colors and the accessories that came with it. I'm glad you found a solution for it, you look stunning!

  10. Debarpan Reply

    You looks really great in saree…it's nice to see NRI people also celebrating country traditions and culture outside the country as well.

  11. RUSS Reply

    You look great in it, love the colors. It always fascinates me each time I see traditional wear from other countries.

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