Is it happening to you too?

1. You wake up and first thing you do is..No, not getting up from the bed, not lovingly looking at your spouse’s looking-so-innocent-in-the-sleep-face, not noticing the sun shining outside…BUT, checking your beloved smartphone, how many notifications it has on instant messaging and other social media stuff etc. your waking up ritual cannot begin without taking blessings of your phone.

2. You walk like a zombie from your bedroom to bathroom with smartphone stuck in hands..You pee, you poo when this gadget enlightens you about the world news and other happenings.

3. Bath time means music time on the phone…you start your fav songs playlist and wow, bath is done in karaoke mode then!

4. Time to get ready.. You of course have mirrors in your home but only prefer Camera or any mirror app on your smartphone to do make up, hair and all.. 😀
While you are using your phone as a mirror, one selfie is not a bad idea too..

5. Ok, you spend exactly 2 minutes 38 seconds without looking at smartphone because you are locking the doors, walking towards the lift…but Cannot take any more “separation@ and the moment you enter the lift, your eyes are into your phone again…2-3 selfies again from different angles..Wow! looking so beautiful…

6. Now time to ride bus, train or taxi means some zen time with your darling again..Facebook, Downloaded episodes of fav TV serials or films, take photos of some scenery outside window etc….
If you want, you can read your office slides on iPad / any other tablet with one eye and another eye on smartphone…Height of multi-tasking!

7. Now in office, so must focus on work..Never mind, you still have your desktop / least something digital..Yay! Of course, you can frequently visit washroom..not because you have urine incontinence but because you want to read your social media updates. 😀

8. Story continues…come back home listening to some music on your smartphone, play candy crush, PvZ, 2048 etc. Winning games gives you a high!

9. Back home is cooking time for Indian ladies (mostly)..Even if you make simple sandwiches, they deserve applause so food photography begins. Take close-up shot of tomato in the sandwich, focus on the greenery of the lettuce and upload at least 10 photos of 1 sandwich on Food forums on FB..Keep on checking anxiously for how many likes..
All thanks to your smartphone!!

10. Hubby comes home, kids are home…All conversation is centred around smartphone..Maths app, nursery rhymes, cinema ticketing app…
Talks to your hubby can be gossip about who posted what on FB, show photos, discuss breaking news…so no more “aankhon me aankhen” but “all aankhen on phone” 😛 sometimes, poor TV also has to take a back-sit.
and story continues day after day and night after night..

We all keep on living “digitally and smartly” ever after…

Disclaimer: No intention to comment on anyone. Also, this article has a tone of satire. We do believe that overuse of smartphones is bad!

Image courtesy: Bing Image Search for Microsoft Office

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