When I was quite new in Singapore, I was a big fan of one of the groups on Orkut (remember one of the popular-most early social media networks?). Okay, so this group called “Indian Women in Singapore” was very active with lots of sharing of info among ladies. I used to religiously read beauty tips given by this lady – Aman. The tips were very easy to follow and effective. I also knew that Aman is a trained beautician and offers her services in Singapore.

Later, Orkut began to fade away and Facebook started getting stronger n stronger..I lost touch of Aman and her beauty tips..

Until one day when I was looking for someone who can do makeup, styling and hairstyle for me.. someone who can make me look better for Demure Drapes Saree Shade Fashion Show. I have written elaborately about this show in my previous blog post. 🙂 


Since this saree show was a completely voluntary activity, I wanted someone who can volunteer to be a part of this SG50 celebration. Of course, posted about this requirement on our Facebook Group “SINdiapore” and received overwhelming responses. Singapore has so many qualified beauty experts and many of them were ready to support.

We zeroed on “Ambeau Care” since her response was the fastest and willingness was genuine. 🙂 and voila, I realized that “Ambeau Care” is actually “Aman”!!

We discussed beforehand on what look, what drape, what kind of makeup is needed. 

On the day of the event, Aman landed sharp at 7:30 AM in my home and took out all her tools..Wow! so many color palettes, brushes and other equipments.

She did my hair first..This is how it looked..Nice! It is actually a messy bun hairstyle with a bit of neatness added for manageability. White Orchids were part of the accessories for the show, so worn them..

(c) Singapore Desi
After draping the saree in a mermaid drape, Aman started doing makeup. She did a bit heavy makeup since it was a stage show. Here is Aman at work:
(c) Singapore Desi

Happy faces 🙂

(c) Singapore Desi

Aman operates from her home and is also famous for other beauty treatments like facials. She also provides home services. Her details are:


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