Some months ago, When iPhone 6 and 6 Plus announcement was made @ Apple, Apple Watch was also introduced but it was not available to purchase that time.

As a curious user of different mobile devices, I was always interested in trying out this smart watch / gear/ wearable thingy for quite some time. To be precise, I wanted to pair Samsung Gear with my Galaxy Note 2 but couldn’t do it thanks to compatibility issues. 🙁

Then of course, I started eyeing “the” Apple Watch (In fact, still eyeing.. :D) but again who will wait for its launch in Singapore or do pre-order from US and again wait etc…

Finally, the craze won over patience and I decided to try a different brand of Smart Watch. Started considering a few options like Pebble and so on..and came across this Microsoft Website – about its “Microsoft Band”.

Points that immediately attracted me to Band were –

  • Works well with iOS (and Android and Windows Phones)
  • Cost is just USD 199
  • All benefits that wearables offer and more

Again, the same issue, order from Microsoft Store in US and wait OR is-it-available-in-Singapore-so-go-and-search etc.

Looks like Microsoft Band was supposed to be mine in any case.. 🙂 Hubby was travelling to US for office tour and he was given no choice but get this cute wearable for me!! LOL

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So here is my Microsoft Band…packaged nicely…

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Open it, Charge it, Download Microsoft Health App on your iPhone, Pair it with your band via Bluetooth, Sync and you are good to explore its features..

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1. Check phone call details – look at incoming calls without having to reach to your phone which is in another room / bag / wallet etc. and reject the calls.
2. Message details – read messages from the band
3. Email notifications and Calendar appointments
4. Get Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter alerts
5. Notifications tile covering all notifications including Whatsapp..this is very good!!
6. Monitor your heart rate and other health data like steps, calories burnt during run or workout (GPS support available)
7. Alarm Clock, Weather information
8. Settings tile to customize your band
9. Watch Mode for people who want to flaunt its watch functionality

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Isn’t it cool to stay updated and get so so much on your WRIST??!! I find it extremely convenient and quick. The sync between the phone and the band is seamless. I have started looking at phone less frequently. Compensating that by looking at my wrist now… 😀

You have to work with Microsoft Health App on your phone to personalize your band like number of tiles you want to have and change the background of the band, download your preferred workouts etc. This app also provides your health data insights as a dashboard.

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So far, am loving it…Using it everyday (battery life is around 2 days. If you turn on the Watch Mode, it will last lesser.)

Certain observations I have to highlight –

  • Bluetooth of your phone can be a bit buggy sometimes and that will affect pairing the band and app. So it is possible that you have turn off the Bluetooth, on it again and do the pairing once more. I face some issues in this aspect.

  • Size is very important since Microsoft Band comes in 3 sizes (S, M and L). I thought “M” would be ideal for me. but when I tried mine which is “S”, it fitted perfectly on my wrist. So size does matter! else heart rate monitoring, steps, calories burnt data can be affected.

  • How to wear Microsoft Band? – some people may find the long rectangular screen of the band a bit inconvenient to fit on the wrist. Try wearing the screen inside of your wrist and it would fit better. After some days, try wearing it the way you want and it would not feel uncomfortable.
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  • Certain features like replying to messages with pre-defined templates is not available on iOS. Hope some breakthrough comes in future updates.

Like I said earlier, it is a good piece of technology to own, definitely! At least till Apple Watch releases in full swing here in Singapore..and who knows…may be my Band won’t allow me to replace it with Apple Watch..Ting!

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PS: now after some months, I am still using Microsoft band though the initial craze has reduced considerably. Btw, it also looks cool to wear with any corporate attire.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this post are completely based on personal experience.