Singapore Desi received a call from Shakura‘s friendly beauty expert as a part of our engagement with other blogs / websites to try its Signature Treatment.

The lady informed about the procedure, outlets of Shakura in leading malls and most importantly the fact that this trial is totally free! 
Decided to give it a try. After all, which woman doesn’t care for her skin and who doesn’t want some pampering that too free of cost?! 🙂 🙂
I chose their Bishan Junction 8 outlet.

Located on the second level of busy Junction 8 mall, Shakura has a cool and comfy ambiance. Needless to mention that it is spotlessly clean.

After the registration formalities, I mentioned my main concerns – Oilier T-zone and drier cheeks and open pores. One of the beauty consultants did the skin analysis. She showed the results on the computer and explained about her findings.
Thankfully, she did not start hard-selling the packages at all. That was welcome compared to what I had experienced in some other beauty salons!
Later, I was assigned a room and treatment began. I was expecting a facial treatment that follows regular routine of cleanse-scrub-steam-extraction of blackheads-massage-face mask-done!
But Shakura follows slightly different routine based on its active formula ingredients. This was the sequence that the facial lady followed –
1. Cleansing
2. Double-cleansing (for more in-depth cleanse)
3. Application of Softener mask and serum for 10 minutes to ease the removal of blackheads and other impurities.
4. Extraction of blackheads (must say it was almost-painless.)
5. Application of Active formula on half of the face and comparing the results with another half.
6. Completion of Step 5 for the remaining face.
7. Face mask containing Shakura’s signature natural ingredients.
8. One more layer of calming mask added on the existing face mask.
9. Quick shoulder massage
10. Relax
11. Take out face mask, clean the face
12. Application of moisturizer and sun block.
13. Done!

There was no massage to the face in the treatment and I missed that as such. But some people complain of acne and other skin problems after massage. Probably that’s the reason why it was absent in Shakura‘s steps.

When I checked my face in the mirror after that, it looked clean, fresh with minimum pores.

The treatment took approximately 2 hours. Well-spent 2 hours!

After the treatment, the consultant offered hot herbal tea and started discussing more about Shakura‘s programs and packages. I politely but firmly told her that I would not make any upfront payments and would like to monitor the skin for next few days before making further decision. I really liked her since she didn’t press and continue to persuade me endlessly to buy the products / treatments. Keep it up!

What’s more, she offered Singapore Desi, 2 referral cards as a give-away. Hurray! now 2 of our forum members can try the same treatment for free first time and if their skin loves Shakura’s Signature treatment, they can always go for more sessions.

All in all, thumbs-up experience at Shakura @ Bishan Junction 8!

Check their website –

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Disclaimer: Author is not an agent or anything of that sort for Shakura. The write-up is purely based on personal experience of the author. It is always advisable to double-check the products / shops / services mentioned in our blog before making any decisions to try them.
PS 19/04/2017: We have received a message from a reader who recently went to Shakura complaining of skin irritation after treatment. Like we already mentioned in the disclaimer when we wrote the original post, it is always always needed to ask relevant questions before getting any skin treatment done – especially, people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin.