Singapore is a busy city just like any other leading cities of the world. Regular hustle-bustle of working parents, school-going kids, zoom-vroom of cars, buses and trains, crowded financial districts…where is the time to stop and relax? Weekends come and go in a jiffy…grocery shopping, exams, running other errands…

Whenever there is some time, We all visit major attractions and I don’t even have to mention which are they!
But Singapore does have its other side – different from swanky malls, skyscrapers which comprises of Reservoirs, parks and beaches..serene, peaceful and very less-to-less-crowded..visiting them is a must to refresh, rejuvenate..
So on a quiet Saturday morning, hubby and me just chanced upon this place..near to Sembawang beach..Sembawang Park! When we drove there, We had no specific agenda on what to do there…
So started walking aimlessly and found some real peace of mind along the way! Oh-so-many-types-of-trees-and-flowers, small paths and lush greenery all around…

Soaking in the sunny beach weather..

Look what I found..flower that resembles Lord Vishnu’s Sheshnaag bed…forgot the exact name of it..

For plant enthusiasts, there is a great resource @ NParks site –
Spotted tiny chirping birds and many types of ants, butterflies..
Gamut of colors..striking hues of yellow, red, green and blue..
and of course, the clean beach overlooking the straits of Johor..

30-40 minutes spent here literally broke the invisible chain that binds us and constantly reminds us about work to be done, objectives to be achieved and other worries and stress..

We still had to return to the reality after a while but what’s the harm to lose ourselves for some time at least?! We all totally deserve to find small joys of life wherever and whenever we can 🙂 🙂

Find more about Parks and nature reserves on National Parks Board’s website –

Shubhada B.

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