Kranji countryside – must visit!

Whenever there are holidays for kids, parents have to scratch heads and think about locations to take them to.

We were doing the same this March holidays..

Sentosa? – no, not again!
Malls? – every time same same?
Indoor playgrounds – don’t want..
Beach – nothing special..can go anytime
Kids wanted something “different” and after googling a bit, we zeroed on visiting Kranji Countryside.
Kranji countryside is a group of farms in the north-west of Singapore established by farmers with a view to promote local agriculture, edutainment for residents and conservation of natural resources.
There are different types of farms in Kranji countryside like vegetable farm, goat farm, fish and frog farms etc. 
More information can be found here –
We visited “Hay Dairies Goat Farm” and “Bollywood Veggies Farm”.
Left the home early in the morning around 8:30 AM because wanted to catch the goat milking session.
After around 20-25 minutes drive, we reached “Hay Dairies Goat Farm”. Never realized that we had left behind the concrete jungle and entered countryside already. Very pretty shades of green were dominating the scenery!
Here is the board that shows the direction –
The moment we entered the goat farm, that peculiar smell of goat poop and urine filled the nostrils…and brought back childhood memories of my ancestral village home in Kokan, Maharashtra, India…Felt very nice 🙂
My kiddos became very excited because got to see so many billys and nannies and kids at the same ba time!!
Milking session was on when we reached. All the goats looked healthy and happy and the equipment looked clean and latest. There was one guide who was giving information about goats, their milk and other related facts in detail. Great learning session for kids!
Many goats were relaxing, eating and taking naps..some had beard and that was a very funny sight…Some goats were naughty and locking horns with each other..also, they had cute expressions on their faces – ranging from calm to loving to angry. Ha ha!
We were so tempted to touch and play with them but for hygiene reasons, it is prohibited.
In Hay Dairies, the office has mementos, photos and lot of other information. There is a small shop that sells some snacks and most importantly “goat milk”. Goat milk is very light to digest and has many nutrients. Hay Dairies can deliver it to your doorsteps also. 
More information can be found here – 
Here are our bottles of goat milk – original and chocolate flavor.
After enjoying our time in Hay Dairies, we proceeded to “Bollywood Veggies Farm”.
Set in a rustic lush green environment, this farm grows many types of vegetables and fruits. It is a 10-acre area full of exotic wonders for the entire family. I mean where you get to see sugarcane, papaya, banana, coffee, aloe vera, pineapple – not as so-called-freshly-packed version – but as crops and trees?! So natural, so pure, so real..
Here is a wishing well at the entrance of the farm.
What a beautiful sight seen below –
Pineapple in its full glory. Wow!
So thoughtful the farm owners are for the ants and for the visitors..Live and Let live..
Variety of trees everywhere…
Contribute to keep the farm clean and have a free drink in the farm bistro!
Did you spot it? Someone meditating….
Spiky Spiky Cotton Tree…and since it’s a farm, a scarecrow has to be there..
and a message to protect our Mother Earth…
After walking around the farm, if you feel hungry, Worry NOT! Bollywood Veggies Farm have its own Bistro which serves fresh and healthy food..and some local flavors of Ice Cream – Durian, Corn, Coconut and so on. Yummy!
So if you want to experience refreshing countryside with all its attractions – farms, animals right in Singapore look no further, head straight to Kranji Countryside 🙂 🙂
How to visit? 
by car or 
by MRT and then take Kranji Countryside Express bus from Kranji MRT. Here is the bus schedule –

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34 comments on “Kranji countryside – must visit!”

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  2. Fred Hawson Reply

    Farm visits are really getting more popular nowadays. We did this before at local farm when kids were younger and they liked the interaction with the animals.

  3. Jacqualine Chan Reply

    I've always wanted to go to Kranji Countryside for a long while but because we don't drive, it is quite inconvenient for us! Can't wait for a good opportunity to bring the kiddos around to look at the goats. Beeeeehhhhhh~~~

  4. Danessa Foo Reply

    I enjoy bringing my class previously to the Hey Dairies Farm and see them get all excited/shocked/mystified because kids, or rather Singaporeans, don't know that we have a few farms in our country… hahah!

  5. Franc Reply

    This would be a really different adventure in Singapore. Kids would learn a lot being exposed to farm and it would be refreshing to have the countryside setting for a change.

  6. Lori Reply

    It looks like it was an amazing visit. I'd definitely go for the goat farm – my son loves animals, we all do actually. Great recommendations!

  7. Arisa Chow Reply

    Haven't tried Goat's milk before, does it taste like cow's milk? Heard from friends that it has a slightly pungent smell if it's direct from the farm lol.

  8. Elizabeth O. Reply

    That looks like a lot of fun! Who wouldn't love spending their day at the farm, learning about farm animals and just simply relaxing. It's good to expose kids to places like this.

  9. Bhushavali Reply

    This is definitely awesome. I'm postponing visiting Singapore coz I don't find malls exciting and there are too many beaches in India. Now, this in interesting. Thanks for sharing…

  10. RUSS Reply

    This is cool. I think it's great to explore locations that are not mainstream Singapore. It's healthy to try new seeing new places and experience new things.

  11. Emily Reply

    Thanks for recommending a new destination to us. Every time I visit Singapore, it has always been the same places. LOL

  12. Debarpan Reply

    Kranji seems like a nice place far away from this daily hustle life,in the lap of nature.Nice photography.Enjoyed this,keep it up.

  13. Rochkirstin Santos Reply

    Wow, I think it's interesting to taste the chocolate-flavored goat milk. I imagined it as super rich and sweet. This place is quite unique than malls and usual places to go to on a weekend.

  14. Monique Starks Reply

    I don't even have kids and I would love to go here! When I was a child I went to a farm and milked a cow. I was soooo grossed out, but I had so much fun!! lol.

  15. Raine Pal Reply

    Another great idea aside from going to a beach and a mall. I remember, when I was in Grade 4 my grandfather used to bring me to a farm…and it is very good to let your children know what is a real farm all about.

  16. Phoebe Lau Reply

    it's a nice area and we love the goat milk from hay dairies. the frog farm was fun too! we haven't explore the Bollywood veggies. Maybe next time

  17. Lyn Lee Reply

    My church cell group friend planned a proposal at one of the remote spots at Bollywood Veggies (complete with 'live' guitar music from a friend), and the whole CG turned up to help him carry it out! Great memories.

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