And our first accolade as a blogger…

I started blogging just a few months back..mainly as an extension of my social networking groups “SINdiapore” and “Singapore Entrepreneurs” as well as our page “RainbowDiaries” that are very active and boast of having 14000+ readers and contributors.

I was not very sure whether I would be consistent in writing blog (still not very sure :D)…whether I even know how to write…grammar, catchy words and all that jazz…especially coming from a vernac educational background…
So far the response and page views are really encouraging.. 🙂
More appreciation came in the form of SGD 100 worth “Physiogel” products that yours truly won for the writing piece done for another blog contest.

Here is the prize – consisting of Physiogel Cleanser, Cream and Lotion and beauty box consisting of travel packs.
(c) Singapore Desi
Physiogel products are well-respected and are widely used in Singapore. They are known for their caring properties for the sensitive skin. Physiogel products are hypo-allergenic, perfume free and non-comedogenic.
(c) Singapore Desi
(c) Singapore Desi
Sincere Thanks to Physiogel for this prize hamper!! Xie xie.


(For RainbowDiaries)

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