Am not too much into kitchen gadgets. Many a times, I found them cumbersome to use. e.g. Food processor and its numerous attachments, Convection grill microwave and its so many settings. Rather than adding speed to cooking, I get confused while using these gadgets.
Air Fryer was on my wish list for some time. Had heard about it on various forums and had seen its demo in some malls. But looking at my aptitude of using kitchen gadgets, was not so sure.
Finally, Philips Air Fryer came to me by chance. One of my office colleagues won it in a lucky draw and didn’t want it so I bought from him. Yippee! at discounted price, this gadget became mine!! 😀
Air Fryer is compact in size and comes in 2 colors – black and white. Different models are available at different costs. Fits very easily on your kitchen platform or any other designated place. It is lightweight too.
This is how it looks –
Here is the temperature setting. Simple knob to move!
and..Timer… another knob. So simple!!
This is what I cooked first…french fries that can literally beat leading food joints..Look at the fryer basket in which I put the cut potato wedges and set the timer. The frying process happening now..
Ta da…Ready!! crispy from outside and softer from inside fries…With just a dash of oil…
Air Fryer works using “Rapid Air technology” and can fry, roast, bake and grill…
Sample recipe booklet comes with the air fryer to give you some headstart.
So what dishes you can cook using it? well, Sky is the limit! totally depends on your creativity…
These are some of the dishes that I tried using Air Fryer and the results are really good.
Grilled Veggies, Hara Bhara kabaab, Vanilla muffins, Crunchy noodles bhel, Samosas, Cheesy Garlicky mushrooms and so on.. 
So what are the pros of having it?

  • Healthier cooking, very less oil needed compared to traditional frying
  • Set the temperature and timer and do whatever else you want to do. No need for constant monitoring 
  • You can fry / roast / grill / bake. Wider choices of dishes can be prepared 
  • Compact in size. Less in weight
  • Easy operation. Just 2 buttons to use. No complicated settings.
  • Easy to clean
The only con I feel it has is the compact size itself. So you cannot make larger quantities of food at a time.
Overall, ROI is pretty good for this product. 🙂 🙂 You can also consider buying it..
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