Kids’ day out with nature! @ the Animal Resort

Am writing after a long time since hardly get any time after work and home. This place though which I visited yesterday with my family (Hubby and 2 kids) is compelling me to write. 😀

In Singapore, there are ample number of shopping malls and other indoor things for kids to explore but what if you want the kids to have a piece of nature, get closer to cute animals? Look no further and visit “The Animal Resort”. It is a small farm (actually a pet grooming facility) located @ T81, Seletar West Farmway. 

One of my friends had mentioned about it. Also, I had read some reviews so the moment long weekend approached, we decided to back-pack and visit it!!

Hubby drove us there.

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Upon reaching, there was this sign board that greeted us and reminded us the importance of cleanliness.

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We had forgotten to pack mosquito patches. So we bought them and lots of food for our animal friends to feed. (One very loving Aunty with a smiling face explained which food to give which animal etc. and the prices very cheap – 3 food packets for SGD 2)

As soon as we purchased animal food, suddenly a group of 5-6 geese came running out of nowhere and started “demanding” food. One of them looked like a team leader. 😀 Such a nice start of this small excursion!

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After eating, they went and started swimming in this small pond of theirs. So shiok.

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We also followed them and spotted some macaws. One of them was super-smart and was replying to our “Hello” with a loud and clear “Hello”. Awesome! BTW, they are on a special diet and we should not feed them.

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(c) Singapore Desi

Aha! What’s that? Emu? No, something like that called as “Casuary” or “Cassowary”.Big, brown and piercing eyes it has. Very friendly though. Even kids can feed it easily.

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Now, comes the Prince! Horse, it is. Alone in his own place. Beware, He BITES.

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We fed him lots of carrots and he gobbled them down all.

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and what is that? is it a newborn, cute little pig? I guess so. 

(c) Singapore Desi
(c) Singapore Desi
(c) Singapore Desi

After that, it’s turn of Fish pond and pigeons. Pigeons is another smart bird. They were following us everywhere for food. 😛

Also, spotted marabou stork.

How to forget peacocks and white peacocks? There was a couple of white peacocks and some usual peacocks. Usual peacocks were very dominating and attacking white ones while eating food. Bad, bad!!

(c) Singapore Desi

(c) Singapore Desi

As I said, it is actually a pet grooming facility so you can also spot a variety of dogs and witness grooming sessions. Dog lovers can also do some courses from this place. 

(c) Singapore Desi
(c) Singapore Desi

(c) Singapore Desi
Also, there is a German shepherd training facility. (which only official persons can enter)

All in all, a great day out for kids and parents. Visit can last about 2-3 hours, you don’t get tired and enjoy nicely in nature and animals’ company. (Do not forget to pack your sanitizer and mosquito patches.)

After that, head straightaway to the famous Prata place in Jalan Kayu to have delicious assorted pratas. Yum, yum!!

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12 comments on “Kids’ day out with nature! @ the Animal Resort”

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  3. Pooja Kawatra Reply

    To get this kind of feel in Singapore is amazing as if you are in the city, you won’t imagine that you can see this part of Singapore too.

  4. SengkangBabies Reply

    Long time since we last visited, and horse/piglet is new to us!
    I can still remember kids feeding the rabbits and fish.

    cheers, Andy

  5. Phoebe Reply

    this brings back good old memories. I used to bring my kids there many years ago. The animals looked the same except we didn’t see guinea pigs then. They love to feed the fishes and rabbits then. ?


  6. Bumble Bee Mum Reply

    Haha.. My experience was quite opposite from Ting. Some of the animals were so well-fed that they didn’t even bother about us when we gave them food. The horse was the most fun to feed for my kids. And we don’t miss the mosquitoes.

  7. Michelle Reply

    I’ve been to a similar farm in Kranji and my daughter got bitten by some unknown insect which caused a big infection. She eventually had to be operated on to drain the puss. We stay clear of farm ever since 🙁

  8. Ling Reply

    Reading this post remind me of my visit to the animal farm in Perth & Goldcoast. Love the pic of the cute new born pig! Thanks for sharing an awesome place for kids.

  9. ting Reply

    Yes! We went once during a weekday, and were the only visitors there, which very soon we regreted. For we were chase by the geese after buying the food and feeding them, all the way to the gate outside! It seems like the animals were starved and so hungry so they simply doesn’t have enough food! Haha. Very intimidated by the geese. And the horse is very handsome. 😉

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