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Amazing Skin with d’skin Prestige

d’skin opens its newest outlet – d’skin Prestige, a medi-aesthetics Hub at Velocity@Novena Square on Thomson Road, a private oasis housing its most advanced and high intensity treatments. Featuring its esteemed skin- whitening, -brightening, -lifting and clarity-focused treatments, d’skin Prestige promises non-surgical treatments with “surgical” results. I got an opportunity to be a part of

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{Giveaway} Set Singapore Book of Records! Participate in Rise & Shine 3-Gen Family FunFest

    Who wants to be a part of the Singapore Book of Records? Who wants to ensure healthy gut for our little ones? Who wants to have fun-filled day with entire family? Me me…for sure!! I know you all also would love to be a part of Rise & Shine 3-Gen Family FunFest. Loads of activities

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Buy the World for you with this Online Shopping Site

Ezbuy.sg! So many times, I have seen my friends shopping online on it, so many times I have seen their delivery van near my residence and yet, so many times I decided but somehow never tried it out. Fffinalllyyy, Glad that I can proudly say – yes, I have bought from Ezbuy.sg (former name 65daigou)

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{Review + Giveaway} Step by step guide: Your child’s musical journey

Step by step guide: Your child’s musical journey Step 1: Deciding whether your child should take music lessons? According to research, music not only improves your motor, auditory and visual skills, but develops your discipline, thus furthering enhancing these three skills. After which, the enhancement of these skills can be applied to any other activity

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Have you visited this Organic Farm in Singapore?

Vegetables and Fruits – Good Organic Vegetables and Fruits – even Better Organic Vegetables and Fruits freshly grown in Singapore – the BEST!!! I am a sucker for all things Organic. If you browse my blog-site a bit, you would find loads of posts about organic food, organic cosmetics and so on. And Why Not? Organic

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Bejeweled celebrates 5th Anniversary…Thank you for the beautiful nails

I have been an ardent fan of Bejeweled Nails since my 1st visit. As a working mom, I have a very tight timeline to follow everyday and when I feel like pampering my many-times-ignored nails, Bejeweled is a place where I rush to. Bejeweled is celebrating its 5th and when they invited me to celebrate

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Why Me Time is as important as Family Time…

Hats off to we moms who are on the job 24 X 7 365 days!!! We do everything and more for kids and family. Since morning 6 AM to midnight or beyond, we are constantly working – cooking, getting kids ready for school, their studies, hubby care, child care, home care and any ad-hoc care. Some of

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ACUVUE – The Best Friend of Eyes

I had high degree of myopia since childhood. So bored with thick glasses of specs, Contact lens came across as a boon. I have been an ACUVUE user for quite a few years already. I just love the way they fit into eyes seamlessly protecting and nurturing them – all this while giving crystal clear vision. I

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{Kindle Giveaway} Reap the Long Term Beneficial Rewards of Reading from a Young Age

Yes, it is true that parents who help their kids get a very early head start in their reading journey, will in return make them smarter. It has been shown that children who enjoy reading books earlier in life, excel better in school during adolescence. In an article posted by the dailymail.co.uk, scientists have found

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Proud to be Media Partner of Prerna (Inspiration) Awards to Nurture Languages

Welcome the first of its kind nationwide public competition in Singapore for Tamil, Hindi & Urdu languages –”Prerna Awards” – 4 Events over 3 days and many qualifying competitions leading to finals in January’17. Rainbowdiaries is so proud to be their media partner and to be able to spread a word about this initiative. The aim

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