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Create Your Own Beauty Attitude with Beauty Keeper

Taiwan is an island country that is famous for its food, tourist spots and busy nice markets. Just like Japan and Korea, many of my friends find Taiwan as an attraction that must be experienced. And just like the other two countries, Taiwan is surely making its mark in the beauty and skincare industry too.

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CELEBRATE THE YEAR’S BEST MOMENTS AT KIDZANIA SINGAPORE THIS FESTIVE SEASON · Series of festive activities this December for kids and parents in the kid-sized city · KidZania Singapore announces new Industry Partner; kids can role-play as an Eco-Flooring Design Consultant KidZania Singapore, a kid-sized city that is part of the world’s fastest growing family

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Let’s celebrate Southern Christmas @ Sentosa HarbourFront

Christmas is the season of giving so you’ll find loads of posts about Family Fun activities that you can enjoy these holidays on RainbowDiaries. We are so happy to share with you the grand celebration that Sentosa HarbourFront is bringing for us this year, with the entire precinct decked out in myriad of activities. We all

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How to make a Car-lover an Art-lover? ARTmazing by Crestar can help!

Each child is so unique and special! As a mom, I keep getting amused at the personality traits that my 2 kids display. While my daughter loves art and outdoor play, my little boy seems to be obsessed with cars!!! His whole world is car-centric. When he walks he makes sounds like cars and when

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Get the Taste of the Revolution…

Singapore is a superbusy city – always on the go, crowds, skyscrapers, bustling neighborhoods. But there are some areas in Singapore that are still quaint, calm and exude loads of old world charm. Wouldn’t it be great fun to visit such places and enjoy some quiet-time away from all the stress? It would be literally an “icing

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Fun, Fair and Christmas Carnival of Surprises at AMK Hub

Christmas is almost here…Less than a month actually; School holidays are on; Kids and parents are feeling a bit relaxed and in this festive atmosphere comes AMK Hub’s Carnival of Surprises!!! Add to the merriment by taking the family to AMK Hub where they can be entertained with games, rides, shows and shopping. Rewards galore

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Drink the RIGHT Drink!!!

What if we get a “drink” that entire family can drink?! No, am not talking about water / milk / any junk drink / any hard drink…Am talking about this ⇓ I had seen this bottle in a friend’s house and frankly speaking I thought it’s some luxurious wine! Lol…On a serious note, indeed the packaging

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Life is a Party with Entertainer 2017 App, Cheers!

We all are busy people!!! We have to work for our livelihood, we have to take care of kids, we have to slog for our dreams…THAT’S exactly the reason, we deserve to party too ♥ As they say – Work Hard, Party Harder. When it comes to party, what comes to your mind? In my mind,

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Singtel launches CAST…What’s in it for us?

I am a proud user of Singtel! My home line is Singtel and so is my mobile. My TV pack is also of course of Singtel. So far, I have found their customer service great and their tech support very swift if at all we need it. ♥ Now comes one more great initiative from Singtel

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My New Organic Haul!…Thanks Dr. Bronner’s

When I tried Dr. Bronner’s Magic, multipurpose soaps some time ago, I loved them! I mean how not to love a soap that you can use for shower, shampoo, cleaning and for many other things. These Castile Organic Liquid Soaps are made using the ancient wisdom of Mother Nature’s wondrous resources, while marrying the cutting-edge technology

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