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Brushing Teeth was never so fun…It’s Playbrush time now!

If as adults we feel lazy sometimes, kids of course can feel the same! Especially routine tasks like bath, brush teeth, eat lunch can become very boring. As parents, my hubby and me try constantly to add some excitement in the kids’ daily activities. But they still get so lazy sometimes. Brushing Teeth – Simple daily

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How we found and now love awesome, class-apart toys from Toddle.sg…

All kids love toys. They actually want ALL the toys in the world!! Even if that remains the fact, these little customers can be so choosy as well. Example: They want a particular color of a bag, they need a particular animal in the stamp set and what not. On the other hand, parents want

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Technology-meets-Beauty treatments by Only

Remember my first post of my experience @ Only – Singapore’s largest Medical Aesthetics? I had written about how apprehensive I was to try out laser for skin and how it turned out to be a great experience after actually trying out first session. Give your skin a brand new look…Customized Luminosity Laser Skin Treatment@ Only

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{Giveaway} Satisfy your cravings with Crave! – $ 9.90 foodie deals @ City Square Mall

July is the season to indulge in the bounty of food at City Square Mall, developed and managed by City Developments Limited, as it welcomes back the always popular Food Festival. This year, City Square Mall’s Food Festival 2016 will tantalise foodies with new restaurant openings, exciting F&B promotions and attractive gifts with purchase including

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Bright n clean Kids clothes and bottles with Farlin

As a mom, what kind of detergents you would prefer for kids? What kind of bottle wash you would prefer for them?Chemical-based, harsher to kids’ skin and health OR something that is green-based, safer and still anti-bacterial? Of course, second option is what Moms will choose. In other words, you will choose Farlin!! For my

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With Love from Korea…Korean Cosmetics right here in Singapore by 1030am

Is this post title confusing? Actually, not. You really can get much-loved Korean cosmetics right in Singapore by 1030am – means by shopping online on 1030am.com!!! I so wanted to try out authentic Korean beauty products for a long time. But was not very sure from where to shop for the best Korean products at

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{Review + Discount Code} Make your kids fall in love with reading…Thanks to Josh and Cherie books!

What happens when you kid receives a box exclusively for him/her? What happens when he/she opens the box and finds some individual and beautifully gift-wrapped items? What happens when he/she opens the gift pack and find amazingly unique books inside? Ho ho ho, BIG smiles, BIG happiness is what you see as a parent!!! So

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How I found Yummy Churros with Eatbook.sg

I am in love with churros. Have eaten them only one time in an event and the taste is still lingering on my tongue. Where can I go and have it again? Where to find the most tasty, crispy-and-soft-at-the-same time churros?? also, it should be available right in Singapore…I was searching for churro choices all

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{Review + Giveaway} Be a kid with kids @ Alive Museum Singapore! My top tips to enjoy…

We wanted to go to Alive Museum for longest time but for some or the other reason it was getting postponed…I used to see a few photos clicked in Alive Museum on my friends’ timeline and used to wonder, wow! how come these wonder photos are even possible?! Finally when we got the Invite to visit

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Dream Big and Make It Happen… #GoBearDreams

I had and still have dreams though am not a hard-core and conventional dreamer. I do believe the quote that if you can dream it then you can do it. It is just that even my dreams keep me grounded to the reality which itself is quite nice. When I was a kid, I had

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